Booklet Template


Complying with the Code 100
Fundamental Principles 110
Integrity 111
Objectivity 112
Professional Competence and Due Care 113
Confidentiality 114
Professional Behaviour 115
Conceptual Framework 120
Applying the conceptual framework – Registered auditors performing professional services 300
Applying the conceptual framework to independence for audit and review engagements 400
Applying the conceptual framework to independence for assurance – engagements other than audit and review engagements 900


  1. Our Vision Strategy and Values

The firm is required to comply with the International Standards on Quality Management (ISQM1, ISQM2 and ISA 220(Revised)), the IRBA Code and the Auditing Profession Act. Furthermore, the firm is required to make partners, service providers, and staff aware of certain matters which are important to its compliance with the standards and the APA Act.

The following are the vision, strategy and core values of the firm.
In order to work as a team we expect everybody to comply with them and use as a basis for the
Quality of their work.


We want to be one of the leading firms in South Africa for our chosen boutique of professional services. We also want to contribute to the development and transformation of the South African economy andthe rest of the continent.


Building effective teams with specialist knowledge that will build the trust of the market through excellent service delivery.


  • Integrity
  • A bias towards action
  • Commitment to an inclusive transformation
  • Commitment to excellence
  1. Quality and Care

All partners and staff are committed to deliver high quality financial products and apply due care in all of our engagements and interactions with clients.

  1. Policies, standards and guidance material

All service providers, partners, and staff can access the firm’s policies, standards and guidance material on the Cloud based shared drive, otherwise copies could be obtained from HR.

  1. Consequences for non-compliance

Non-compliance with policies and standards are considered very serious by the firm and may lead to disciplinary action in terms of the policies.

Contact the LEAF hotline for complaints where anonymity is desired (

  1. Independence and ethical compliance

Great care should be taken to understand the requirements of the firm regarding independence and ethical compliance.
This is included in the policies and standards.
Ensure a declaration is signed as soon as possible upon appointment, annually and at the start of an assurance engagement.

  1. Performance measurement standard

Audit staff members’ performance will be measured as per the SAICA Training Regulations and by submissions on the SAICA Electronic Assessment Tool (SAICA EAT) and/or per the firm’s performance evaluation process.

Performance indicators include:

  • Compliance with the IRBA Code of Conduct
  • Compliance with the firm’s policies and procedures of ethics
  • Compliance with the firm’s policies and procedures of audit quality
  • Professional behaviour and conduct
  • Time management and meeting deadlines
  • Showing initiative
  • Maintaining and acquiring the necessary professional skills and experience
  • Productivity
  • Compliance with SAICA and IRBA rules
  • Quality of Work
  • Participation in the training initiatives of the firm
  1. Transgressions

When a service provider or a staff member becomes aware of a transgression or possibly committed a transgression themselves, HR or the partners should be informed immediately.

  1. Reportable irregularities

When becoming aware that a client may have committed a reportable irregularity, the partners should be informed immediately.