LEAF Audit Quality

We provide any combination of the following services:

  • Audit quality management systems design, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Audit engagement review, whether for EQCR, monitoring, benchmarking, or training purposes.
  • Audit methodology and template assessment
  • Audit engagement assistance
  • Audit training online, on the job, or in classroom.
  • Technical opinions and specialist support on audits.
  • Note that quality management standards (ISQM) apply to audit and independent reviews.

LEAF is made up of professionals who enjoy audit and passes on that energy to clients through innovative and client-friendly processes.

Our audit quality standard

LEAF maintains a standard of audit quality that exceeds the statutory and ethical requirements, since it addresses audit and the client’s business risk more completely than required by the standards. This protects the business of the audit firm by reducing the risk of not finding an incidence of fraud or error, while performing a more efficient audit. Value is also added to businesses of clients through better interaction and knowledge of the business.

LEAF is made up of professionals who enjoy audit and passes on that energy to clients through innovative and client friendly processes.

Apart from audit quality, our clients’ culture include enjoyment and client service. Our clients can attest to retaining their clients, and improving client buy in to the audit process.

Firm A (Medium sized firm)
– “We were extremely nervous when following the reportable irregularity route as required, as on the face of it, it would cost us our client. The audit committee re-appointed us after the tender process in competition with the Big four, because of our steadfastness to report on irregularities.”

Firm B (Small firm)
– “Our approach to the audit and client interaction changed so much that the client changed from being averse to the
annual audit, to welcoming us with open arms due to the value we added to his business.”

What differentiates LEAF?

i. Practical firm quality implementation
ii. Up to date knowledge of trends in methodology
iii. Focus on profitability
iv. Focus on efficiency
v. Compliant small audit methodology
vi. Audit engagement management
vii. Corporate experience (CFO)

Our focus on audit quality and all aspects thereof, and our sourcing of experts having the same focus makes us the audit quality partner of choice.

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