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We are hosting an insightful webinar on Audit Induction for Trainees on 26 August 2022.

There is an overview of the course below. More information on the webinar link, etc. will closer to the event.


1.1     High level course outline


Duration:  8 hours (including breaks)



Providing practical training at the start of trainees’ training contracts sets a solid foundation for their learning journey. This helps trainees with developing the right frame of mind to face challenges in the work environment and make a success of their careers in the auditing profession.

Trainees need to be introduced to basic auditing principles and how to apply this in practical situations. This needs to happen within the context of relevant quality control and ethical requirements, and with efficient use of technology. During this interactive training session, we will discuss practical examples and solutions to common auditing challenges.


Content and outline:

To explain the following concepts and demonstrate practical application thereof:

  • Audit basics
  • Audit working papers
  • Quality control and Ethics
  • Excel basics
  • Practical case study



Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will receive a verifiable attendance certificate.



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