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Audit Intermediate: Planning and Finalisation Webinar


Duration: 4 hours

Date: 14 October 2022

Time: 09:30 – 11:30

Cost: R632.50 per person

R1 581.25 per firm


When approaching an audit, auditors need to perform thorough pre-engagement and planning procedures to identify and assess risks. These procedures are normally supervised and reviewed by more experienced audit team members who need to be aware of the minimum procedures, and those appropriate to the circumstances of the client.

It is critical that all the required areas be considered and properly documented to support the determined risk assessment and consequent audit approach. Likewise, once the fieldwork is completed, there are several crucial steps to follow to finalise the audit file, and ensure that there is sufficient appropriate audit evidence to support the conclusions reached and the audit report to be issued.

A thorough understanding of the relevant pre-engagement, planning and finalisation requirements is needed to produce an appropriate risk assessment and audit approach, and a well-supported audit report. During this interactive training session, we will discuss practical examples and solutions to common challenges.


Content and outline

Explanation of the following concepts and demonstration of their practical application:

  • Pre-engagement and planning:
    • Client acceptance/continuance
    • Relevant ethical considerations
    • Obtaining an understanding of the entity
    • Obtaining an understanding of internal controls
    • Analytical review procedures
    • Fraud considerations
    • Risk identification and assessment
    • Audit approach
    • Kick-off meeting.
  • Finalisation:
    • Subsequent events
    • Going concern
    • Non-compliance with laws and regulations
    • Financial statements
    • Identified misstatements
    • Control deficiencies
    • Reporting to management and/or those charged with governance
    • Concluding
    • Audit report.


Upon completion of each workshop, the participants will receive a verifiable attendance certificate.


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