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Ethics update 2021

Duration: 3 hours


Ethics plays a fundamental role in acting in the public interest and delivering quality audit services. Ethics also forms an integral part of the audit profession’s code of conduct and requires proper knowledge by all participants in the profession.

Auditors can only apply an appropriate level of professional skepticism during audits, if they are independent. It is, therefore, crucial for auditors to always be aware of the latest changes in the ethics landscape, and understand how to apply relevant ethical requirements in practice.

This webinar will give participants a practical understanding of the latest ethical requirements and principles, and appropriate documentation in audit working papers through discussion of practical examples.

Content and outline:

To explain the following concepts and demonstrate their practical application:

  • Ethics ground rules
  • Latest pronouncements
  • How to identify, evaluate and address threats
  • Quality management responsibilities
  • Documentation requirements
  • Practising the correct implementation of requirements through discussion of practical scenarios
  • Individual reflection.


Upon completion of each workshop, participants will receive a verifiable attendance certificate.