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Duration: 2 hours



Many auditors assume that ISA 315 (Revised 2019) is, in most instances, the same as the existing standard, but this is not the case. This new standard, which comes into effect for audits of financial statements for periods beginning on or after 15 December 2021, not only expands on concepts in the existing standards, but also introduces new concepts in the risk assessment process. New concepts such as “relevant assertions” and “significant classes of transactions, account balances or disclosures” explain the way auditors should consider and respond to the risk of material misstatement. It is critical for auditors to understand the concepts addressed in this new standard, and to amend their existing risk assessment processes and methodologies accordingly.


This webinar will give participants a practical understanding of key requirements relating to ISA 315 (Revised 2019), how to implement them during the audit, and appropriate documentation in audit working papers. Participants will learn how to understand these requirements and principles through discussion of practical examples.


Content and outline:

To explain the following concepts and demonstrate their practical application:

  • Key concepts and requirements from ISA 315 (Revised 2019), addressing evidence, bias, business knowledge, governance and control system components
  • Controls as part of risk assessment
  • Relevant assertions
  • Significant classes of transactions, account balances or disclosures
  • Material classes of transactions, account balances or disclosures that are not significant
  • Practicing the correct implementation of requirements in audit working papers.



Upon completion of each workshop, the participants will receive a verifiable attendance certificate.


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