IFAC Applauds Release of ISSB’s First Two Sustainability Standards

IFAC has long supported the establishment of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)  to develop a global baseline of sustainability disclosures, endorsed by IOSCO, and used around the world. The goal is a global system for sustainability information that can be complemented by local standards or broader public policy needs.

With the release of its first two standards, the ISSB has responded to stakeholders’ calls to move at a rapid pace, focus on the needs of investors and capital markets, and build on existing and respected frameworks, and standards.

IFAC CEO Kevin Dancey says, ‘All professional accountants … must now advocate for and implement these standards, so that high-quality corporate reporting of sustainability-related information becomes a reality. The ongoing work of the IAASB and IESBA will bring trust and confidence through high-quality — and hopefully mandatory — assurance.’

To access the two standards, follow the link below: