New IAASB Video Series Explores Proposed Changes to Fraud Standard

As the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board reaches the midpoint of its public consultation on proposed amendments to its fraud standard, a new four-part video series has been released. The series will help stakeholders understand the proposed changes that strengthen auditors’ responsibilities related to fraud, and the rationale behind them.

Explore the Understanding Proposed Changes to the Fraud Auditing Standard Video Series, available on YouTube on:

The video includes the following:
• Overview of Key Changes
• Spotlight on Auditor’s Responsibilities
• Auditor’s Response to Fraud or Suspected Fraud
• Enhanced Transparency in the Auditor’s Report

The proposed changes to ISA 240 significantly strengthen auditors’ responsibilities relating to fraud, and are available on:

The IAASB encourages all stakeholders to submit their comments by 5 June 2024, using the Response Template, available on: