Proposed IRBA Rules arising from the ISQM

The IRBA Board approved the release of the Proposed IRBA Rules arising from the International Standards on Quality Management for public comment. The proposed rules are published alongside an explanatory memorandum.

These rules were informed by consultation with internal and external stakeholders and the input of IRBA's Committee for Auditing Standards (CFAS).

The proposed IRBA Rules deal with the following: Firm Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Transparency reports; Engagement quality reviews; Engagement quality reviewer (EQR) and an assistant to an EQR; and Assembly and retention of audit documentation.

The IRBA welcomes comments from auditors and other interested parties on all matters addressed in the proposed IRBA Rules. It also seeks responses to the six questions that are set out in the explanatory memorandum section. The proposed IRBA Rules can be accessed on the IRBA website by clicking on the following link:

For any further queries, please email the Standards Department at