SAICA Training Office Compliance

The SAICA Training Regulations require of training officers and registered assessors to constantly stay up to date with the latest requirements, whilst ensuring that all training office responsibilities are met.

In our fast paced business environment, professionals can’t afford too much time away from productive activities. We can provide you with the assistance of an experienced and qualified individual that comes in from an independent perspective to review your existing training office processes and documentation, six-monthly assessments for trainees and other required documentation for compliance.

Independent compliance monitoring of a training office can greatly assist with early identification of compliance gaps and efficiency improvements, resulting in improved SAICA training office inspection ratings.

LEAF understands the challenges experienced by firms to retain good quality staff and assists firms through monitoring and training of audit staff.

Training Office Compliance Review

Let us analyse your existing system, review your training office records for compliance with the SAICA Training Regulations and make practical recommendations for improvements.

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